Industrial Services

We are specialists for gently repairing dents in vehicles.

We have demonstrated in many projects for the automotive industry that the quantitative efficiency of one of our hailstone damage engineers is up to ten times higher than that of a so-called dent doctor.

We provide inspection, calculation and repair services for

  • Manufacturing dents
  • Dents caused during vehicle assembly
  • Parking dents
  • Hailstone damage
  • Hailstone damage

The reason is simple

It is the experience our experts have gained from an estimated 30 million hailstone dents over the past 10 years. We are in a position to rectify many different dents quickly, cheaply and with high-quality results without impeding the manufacturing process. Our know-how of avoiding the replacement of parts with difficult damage hugely reduces the cost of production. We can provide dent experts around the world all year long (including during the hailstorm season) thanks to our excellent international network.

We offer:

  • World-wide services
  • 24 hours a day on 365 days a year
  • Damage and cost analysis
  • Project manager (multi-lingual)
  • Expert repair of manufacturing dents by qualified dent repair engineers
  • Comprehensive inspection and assignment documentation
  • Quality assurance and final inspection

We are seeking auxiliary personnel and engineers from the automotive sector for short-term and long-term projects such as:

  • Car mechanics
  • Mechatronic engineers
  • Dismantling and re-assembly engineers
  • Spray painters
  • Preparers
  • Spot repair experts
  • QA representatives
  • Auxiliary personnel